Margaret Ryan


Extraordinary Poetry Writing
A quickly-read, colorful resource that includes
-Specific ways to write different forms of poetry
-Project ideas to get your creative juices flowing
-Tips on taking your work up a notch
-Resources íV for more information
-Activities to get you thinking outside the box

Black Raspberries
A selection of poems, mostly about romance and life in the country. Letter press on ivory laid paper.

Extraordinary Oral Presentations
Quick help for those forced to speak before others. Includes
-Specific ways to create different types of oral presentations
-Project ideas
-Tips on how to take your presentation from ordinary to extraordinary
-Resources to help you find more information
-Activities to help you think outside the box

Selected Works

How-to filled with cool activities, innovative strategies, and multimedia approaches to help teens write poems.
A great oral presentation entertains, instructs, informs, amuses, and impresses. This book will help you prepare and give an extraordinary oral presentation.
Poetry chapbook. Decorative cover, 26 pages.